Clifton Hill Primary School

  • Park in Page Street or on Gold or Wellington Streets. 

Greythorn Primary School
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  • Reading Ave, Balwyn North Vic 3104
  • Mondays 4-6pm
  • Generally there are 8 sessions per term, however, sometimes it is not possible to fit 8 Mondays in! On these occasions, fees will be adjusted and parents will be informed.

Southern Cross Grammar

  • Cnr Gourlay Road and Lancefield Drive, Caroline Springs Victoria 3023
  • Wednesdays 4-6pm 8 sessions per term
  • Park in Lancefield Drive. Climb the outside stairs and walk to the end of the corridor, we are on the right.

Please Note:

If you are lost, please call 0448 880 331

Most children miss 1 or 2 sessions per term (illness, school camp, ...) These missed sessions can be made up WITHIN THE SAME TERM at one of the other programs. Please ensure that we know when/how this is going to happen so that the student's work can be available. We cannot make fee adjustments for missed sessions